About Us


At RippleLink, we understand that CBRS and Private LTE has created an inflection point that will fundamentally change wireless connectivity forever, by offering a secure, interference free wireless network, that can cover incredible distances. As companies and organizations deploy mobile and IOT device with Private LTE, they will need a specialist to not only design, deploy and manage these networks, but also to provide what we are calling a Device Value Framework or DVM. The DVM allows customers unprecedented visibility, automation and self-service of their CBRS network and devices. You could say the founders of RippleLink, connected the possibilities of Private LTE with future needs and requirements of their customer. We have brought together a team of industry veterans focused on offering the services to make your CBRS network a reality, while giving you full visibility, control and ability to modify the network and devices on-demand.

Our Mission

We believe that Private LTE will lead to an incredible expansion of wireless connectivity, hatching the 4th industrial revolution and the age of IOT. Our goal, every day, is to help you leverage Private LTE to connect devices and “things” to your network that will help you run your business better. Whether you’re deploying laptops in your office, IOT devices on the manufacturing floor, or delivering last mile connectivity, we’re ready to help you design, build, and manage robust, scalable Private LTE solutions that empower you to connect what matters. At RippleLink, we believe your success is our success too.


Our Team


Harv Sehra, Co-founder

James Smith, Co-founder