Our Expertise


When it comes to deploying the right CBRS Private LTE solution, we are your trusted technology advisor.

We make it easy to open the door to the power of 5G.


Open the Door to Private LTE.

We save our clients months of research and provide the design, deployment and integration services needed to get your CBRS network up and running.


We consult with our customers to help them understand how to make their Private LTE network a reality.


Our Engagement Process

Evaluate your Project
  • Consult on your goals and objectives
  • Discuss coverage, connectivity and CPE options
  • Understand existing or required core network capabilities
  • Review vendor options and project time tables
  • Review self-service portal capabilities for device and network changes
Design and Review
  • Model a predictive coverage plan with specific eNodeB hardware
  • Design and review core network architecture options
  • Determine end device connectivity options
  • Determine deployment rollout and time frames
Deploy and Optimize
  • Deploy the eNodeB hardware, network switching and configure the SAS and EPC
  • Implement network, security and QoS configurations
  • Test and validate coverage, connectivity and throughput
  • Launch and review self-service portal
  • As-built deployment reporting


Private LTE is the new Cloud

We understand Private LTE is like the Cloud.


CBRS networks need to operate as a platform, and scale easily allowing operation insight to achieve the delivery of business value

Private LTE platforms need to operate on a shared responsibility model, where providers create an open, reliable and secure infrastructure for their customers to operate

Self-service, automation and utility pricing are key for customers to scale their CBRS networks and to create business value


Our Services


Consulting –  we provide a full array of consulting services, including Assessments, that help you understand how to leverage Private LTE to its full potential. We will perform an in-depth analysis of your existing business requirements, technology, future plans and goals, enabling you to understand where to start with CBRS. Our team has a deep understanding of wireless and 5G technologies, and the capabilities of CBRS hardware manufactures. We have years of experience in designing and deploying complex wireless architectures at the enterprise level.


Predictive Coverage Modeling –  our engineering team leverages the latest in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity simulation software to predict end-user experience, overall network performance and coverage for your site. Perfecting your designs prior to deployment will make sure that your Private LTE network meets your technical and business requirements. We also offer post-site survey coverage and capacity validation services.

Installation and Configuration –   our team can provide the end-to-end deployment services for your Private LTE network. We have years of experience deploying wireless solutions and understand that each deployment is different. Whether you need assistance with on-site structured cabling, eNodeB installation, RF design, network architecture, security, or configuring the SAS and EPC, our team is here to make your Private LTE network a reality. We also offer a full-suite of training and on-going support for all of our solutions.

Vendor Selection – at RippleLink we partner with our customers. We understand the unique product strengths of our manufacturing partners, and help you select the right solution for your environment. And if needed, our engineering team can demonstrate or run a proof-of-concept for your environment, to show you the full capabilities of Private LTE.

Managed Services – we understand that Private LTE will be new for many of our customers, and that you may not want to take on the additional work of learning how to manage your new Private LTE network. At RippleLink, we offer a full-suite of managed services that allow you to have complete access to configure network settings, and add or remove devices without ever opening a ticket. Our self-service portal gives you compete freedom to control your CBRS network just like an AWS instance. You won’t need to worry about setting up monitoring or being responsible for the eNodeB Hardware, EPC or SAS. What ever your unique requirements are, we will make sure that your network is your network and yours to manage.